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Paddy boost

Posted on: Fri 06 Nov 2009

Paddy Kenny's future with Sheffield United has been secured with both parties having signed a one year extension to his current contract which expires next summer.

The goalkeeper has been suspended by the FA since testing positive for taking a banned substance last season after purchasing an over the counter cough medicine.

His hopes of winning a reduction in the nine month sentence were dashed when his appeal was rejected recently but Kevin McCabe announced on Thursday that a new deal was virtually done:

"After discussions last week with Kevin Blackwell when the ban was re-affirmed after the appeal we have decided to talk to Paddy and get him on a new contract which will kick-in as soon as his suspension finishes in April.

"Although he can't train with the squad or at Bramall Lane owing to FA rules he has to ensure that he is up and running and training hard on his own to get ready for a real challenge on his return - all supporters know what a great goalkeeper he is and we have missed him."

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